In order to encourage your enterprise/organization to actively participate in and implement the "ESG Pledge Scheme" and attach importance to the concept and practice of sustainable development, your enterprise/organization should promise to take the lead in taking substantive actions in the fields of environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance, etc.

The Chinese Manufacturers Association of Hong Kong authorizes the use of the "ESG Pledge" Logo".  Your enterprise/organization  must use the logo according to the following rules:


1. Period of use of the logo

The "ESG Pledge Logo" ("logo") may not have a year attached at the initial stage so that enterprises do not need to update the logo on cards, websites and publicity materials every year after the year is changed in the renewal application. It helps to encourage enterprises to widely Use of Logos and Promotion of "ESG Pledge Scheme". When the plan is mature, a year will be attached and companies/organizations authorized to use the "logo" from the date of issuance to the end of the year.


2. Ownership and Right of use of logo

The ownership of  "ESG Pledge Logo", including intellectual property rights,  are the property of the the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (“the CMA”). CMA has ultimate control over the approval, usage, display, etc. of the logo. The logo is used on official occasions related to the scheme and is approved for use by the licensees. CMA will have the final right to interpret these rules, may revise relevant provisions at any time without prior notice and have the right to take appropriate disciplinary actions against those who violate these rules.



3. Regulation of use of logo

Approved Organizations authorized to use the logo shall ensure that it is used in compliance with the regulation and requirements laid down in the “ESG Pledge Scheme Management Guide” and other  relevant regulations issued by the CMA from time to time.


4. Logo application format

I. The logo consists of standard graphics and standard colors. The pattern and standard colors of the logo, the size and position of the logo cannot be changed.

II. When enterprises/organizations use the logo, the entire logo must be displayed.  All parts of the logo, including its year, text, and design, cannot be divided. When your enterprises/organizations use the logo, you can reduce or enlarge the logo proportionally according to the promotional activities and items but the logo must be scaled according to the established ratio, the logo cannot be distorted, and the design and font of the logo cannot be changed, and the height of the logo should not be less than 8 mm in principle.

III. The logo can be used together with the details of the approved applicant enterprises/organizations , such as the name or trademark of the manufacturer, exporter and brand. The information should be as close as possible to the sign.

IV. Signs shall be used in a manner that is decent, legible, robust and easily identifiable.


5. The scope of use of the logo includes the following:

● Company name cards

● Letters and envelopes

● Web pages

● Promotional materials / job advertisements

● Stationery and souvenirs

● Publications, documents and shop decoration


6. Principles of proper use of logo

I. When using the logo of the "ESG Pledge Scheme", the name, abbreviation or logo of the enterprise/organization authorized to use the logo must be published at the same time. Use of logo in the name of a branch/branch/affiliated company, other business name and/or brand is not allowed.


II. When using the "ESG Pledge Logo" in various advertisements or promotional materials (including corporate/organizational web pages, business products/services/corporate/institutional advertisements, etc.), the enterprises/organizations should make sure the contents are legal, healthy, conscious, honest and genuine. It also should not defame, discriminate or insult others.


III. If any enterprise/organization authorized to use the logo is found to have committed any criminal offence in or outside Hong Kong during the use of the logo, or is involved in any violation of ESG-related regulations and is held liable by relevant statutory bodies and/or government agencies, the CMA reserves the right to cancel the use of the logo by the enterprises/organizations.When an enterprise/organization authorized to displays the logo under any circumstances, it only means that the enterprise/organization supports the  "ESG Pledge" and is determined to practice the concept of sustainable development by promising to take action to environmental protection, social responsibility, corporate governance. It does not mean that the enterprise/organization has been recognized by the CMA as having met certain ESG regulations, standards and qualifications.


IV. Before publicly using the "ESG Pledge Logo" , enterprises/organizations authorized to use the logo must sent the samples of products/services advertisements or promotional materials using the logo by email to CMA to review and keep record. The advertisement or promotional material can only be used publicly after it has been approved. During the review process, the CMA may request enterprises/organizations to modify and/or delete any form that displays the "ESG Pledge Logo" . The review period will be no less than five working days and the enterprises/organizations should reserve time for modification.



V. CMA has the sole discretion to determine whether the enterprises/organizations authorized to use the logo have violated these rules and may request the enterprises/organizations to terminate or modify the use of the logo at any time. CMA  has the final right to interpret the terms of this rule. In case of any disputes, CMA has the final and binding decision.


VI. If the enterprise/organization authorized to use the logo is complained of violating the "ESG Pledge Scheme" statement and can provide relevant supporting documents or evidence within the period of use, the CMA will invite the management of  the complained enterprise/organization to assist in investigation and finding solutions to the problem. If the situation does not improve, the enterprise/organization being complained may be removed from the list of participating enterprise/organization. For other complaints unrelated to the content of the  "ESG Pledge Scheme" statement, the CMA will not handle or mediate. In the event of any dispute, the CMA  will have the final and binding decision.


6. Disposal and removal of expired "ESG Pledge Scheme" logos and items

I. All expired stickers, seat cards and electronic signs shall not be posted and used.


II. All applicant must remove expired electronic signs from their business websites, mobile applications and related social media platform (if applicable).


III. If the applicant fails to process and remove relevant expired labels, their applications in the coming year will not be accepted. The organizer will also reserve the right to pursue


For enquiries about the principles of use of the logo, please contact the  "ESG Pledge Scheme" Secretariat (Tel: 2542 5710, Fax: 2544 2406, Email: