ESG Advocator company

ESG Advocator program was launched in mid 2023. The program is aimed at awarding some of the participants companies not only joined the ESG Pledge Scheme but also promoting the scheme to their business partners and downstream suppliers in order to upgrade the ESG standard together. ESG Advocators can get the support from the CMA and CMA Testing and finally get the ESG awards. The contents of ESG Advocator program are listed below:


1. ESG Advocators receive supports from CMA and CMA Testing and to get ESG Award in the long run. The companies and their partners can enjoy special annual fees of $1,000 (Original fee: $1,200) and receive priority attendance of CMA ESG activities and services.

2. Every year ESG Advocators can get the certificate and ESG Pledge Scheme logo. They can use the logo to promote their companies.

3. Every year, the advocator will be awarded a certificate of appreciation by CMA.  A special certificate will be awarded in annual Ceremony based on the number of partners participated in the ESG Pledge Scheme.

4. ESG Advocators will be invited to be the speaker of ESG activities and introduce their ESG services and products in the activates.

5. ESG Advocators can introduce their ESG services and products to other participants of the ESG Pledge Scheme if they can met relevant standards and conditions.


Up to now, there are over 40 companies or organisations act as ESG Advocators. They come from different industries, including chambers of commerce, restaurant groups, public transportation agencies, property management companies. Some of them are also listed companies and well-known institutions, Please refer to our website for the details.


ESG Advocators will be awarded different type certificates based on the number of partner companies participating in ESG Pledge Scheme each year. The types of certificates are as follows:

Certificate Type

Number of Recommended

Gold Diamond


Silver Diamond






2 companies received special award in the ESG Certificate Presentation Ceremony in 2023:

Certificate Type

Company Name

Gold Diamond

Hang Yick Property Management Ltd

Silver Diamond

Sino Estates Management Limited

In the ceremony, Mr. Alvin Chau, Property Management Department of Henderson Land Group (Hang Yick Properties Management Limited) , represent the Gold Diamond company to deliver the speech to the audiences. He share the experience of practicing ESG in the company.


Interested parties please complete the ESG Advocator application form or contact Ms Mui and Ms Cheung of ESG Pledge scheme Secretariat (Tel: 2542 5710)